Act Today to Reduce Problems Tomorrow

Your child should come in for an orthodontic exam around the age of 7, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. By that age, most kids have a mix of primary and permanent teeth. A majority of children will not need need any work at this stage of their development. However, this is a good opportunity to find potential problems in the early stages. If your little one does have a problem, we can help you find solutions can have long-term benefits for your child.

Too much or too little bone structure can dramatically affect how your child’s smile looks. Dentofacial orthopedics involves guiding the growth of their jaw and facial bones to create more room for their teeth to erupt correctly. When a tooth falls out early, we have ways to maintain that space until the permanent tooth is ready.

This kind of treatment will not eliminate the need for braces or Invisalign in most cases. However, it can reduce time in braces and save your child from needing surgery when they are older. To find out more about our dentofacial orthopedics in Portage, IN, call 219-841-7795 or contact Orthodontic Alliances online.