Get to Know Dr. Evan Schmidt, a Dedicated Orthodontist

Dr. Evan Schmidt is an orthodontic specialist. From a young age, he was inspired to follow in his father’s footsteps. Dr. Schmidt takes great pride in being able to create beautiful, life-changing smiles as an orthodontist. The best part of his job is taking braces off and seeing a person enjoy their new smile for the first time. And patients love Dr. Schmidt because he takes the time to get to know them and genuinely cares about their well-being.

Dr. Schmidt attended both Chesterton and Valparaiso High Schools and then received a BA in biology from Brown University, one of the Ivy League universities. He went on to acquire an MS in biology from Purdue University. He earned his DDS at Indiana University School of Dentistry. During his time in dental school, he was awarded the James E. Humphrey, DDS Memorial Scholarship for academic excellence.

Dr. Schmidt’s specialty training took place at Indiana University School of Dentistry. During residency, he earned his MSD for his research in occlusal force alterations. His orthodontic philosophy involves balancing dental, skeletal, and especially facial considerations to maximize esthetic results, as well as accounting for individual desires and limitations to provide patient-centric care.

Dr. Schmidt lives in Northwest Indiana and is married to Dr. Megan Daniels. Evan enjoys exercising and professional sports as well as outdoor activities like skiing, target shooting, and scuba diving. An animal lover at heart, he enjoys nature and time spent with his dog, Ellie. In any remaining free time, you might find Dr. Schmidt playing video games or looking for a new pair of Air Jordans to add to his collection.

Dr. Schmidt is proud to practice with his father, Dr. Randy Schmidt, and to serve the communities of his hometown and the surrounding areas.