Finish the Job With Clear Retainers

The last thing you want is for your teeth to relapse after you spent a year or more wearing braces or Invisalign aligners. Relapse occurs when your teeth move back toward their original positions. To complete the work you started, you have to keep your teeth in their new positions to prevent any regression. Often retainers are temporary, but some people do have wear a retainer regularly for the rest of their lives.

Our retainers are bonded to your teeth, so:

  • You cannot take them out
  • You will not leave them somewhere
  • You or your teenager will not forget to put them back in
  • You can leave them on for as long as they are needed

Some people do not put wire retainers back in simply because of how they look. By wearing one of our fixed retainers, you will get the cosmetic benefits it provides. Our retainers also help with speech and breathing in addition to securing your beautiful new smile.

Our team at Orthodontic Alliances can help you create and keep your new, straight smile with invisible retainers in Portage, IN. Call 219-841-7795 today to make an appointment with us.