Find the Best Orthodontic Treatment to Achieve Your Smile Goals

At Orthodontic Alliances, you can receive comprehensive, high-quality care for all your loved ones. We make it easy to create the smile you want to see when you look in the mirror. When you visit us for your first appointment, you will have a chance to find out more about your treatment options:

  • Traditional Braces – Get a modern version of this tried-and-true way to straighten your smile.
  • Clear Ceramic Braces – Get the same results as traditional braces offer but with clear ceramic brackets that are less noticeable than metal ones.
  • Fast-Acting Adult Braces – In as few as six months, you can upgrade the appearance of your smile with a treatment that focuses on the teeth that show when you smile.
  • Invisalign – Clear aligners are a discreet, effective, and modern alternative to braces that work for many patients.
  • Invisible Retainers – To wrap up your orthodontic care, you will wear one of our invisible retainers to discreetly keep your teeth in their new positions.

Teens and adults come to our practice for straighter, more attractive smiles. In addition to the services mentioned above, we also offer dentofacial orthopedics and surgical orthodontics. Dentofacial orthopedics help younger patients prepare their mouths for orthodontic care as they get older. Surgical treatments can address open bites, protruding jaws, and weak chins.

If you have questions about orthodontics in Portage, IN, our doctors will be happy to answer them during your consultation with us. Call 219-841-7795 or contact us online. Be sure to ask about our special for a free consultation, exam, and X-rays.