Our Bonded Retainers Keep Your Teeth Aligned

Indiana orthodontists Dr. Randy Schmidt and Dr. Evan Schmidt use bonded invisible retainers to help you preserve the corrected position of your teeth. This kind of retainer is different from a standard removable retainer for a couple of reasons:

  • It will be impossible to lose. Unlike a removable retainer, this type of retainer is bonded to the backside of your teeth. At Orthodontic Alliances, we have heard countless stories about how a patient would have worn their retainer if they had not lost it. By using a bonded permanent retainer, there is no way for you to misplace it.
  • You will wear it for the correct amount of time. Many patients need additional straightening treatments because they did not wear their retainer long enough each day for it to work properly. Some people are embarrassed by the look of the retainer, so they do not wear it like they should. Our bonded permanent retainer will not affect your smile but will still prevent your teeth from slipping back into their old positions.

Orthodontic Alliances is here to make sure you have a bright, straight, and beautiful smile. Our invisible retainers in Michigan City help us do that. Call us today at 219-809-6584 to get started with your orthodontic treatment.