Enjoy the Benefits of Less Intrusive Braces

Here are a few benefits you will appreciate with our modern braces:

  • Reliable – Traditional orthodontic braces are the tried-and-true way of adjusting the position of teeth. They have been around for centuries in some form, and they have only gotten more effective with time and research.
  • Versatile – Braces are made up of brackets that are bonded to your teeth and a wire that is attached to the brackets. The tension the wire provides is what causes your teeth to shift into proper alignment, allowing us to correct nearly any kind of bite problem.
  • More Discreet – For years, the only kind of braces available had large and bulky brackets. The wire was uncomfortable, and the setup may have required you to wear headgear. The braces we use today are light years ahead of what we once had. Headgear is a thing of the past, as are the large metal wires and brackets. Today’s braces are much smaller and much less noticeable.
  • More Comfortable – The smaller size of our braces also makes them more comfortable and gives them a low-profile presence in your smile. The placement process is much easier for you, too.

Treat Your Smile to Innovative Technology

Another big reason that braces at Orthodontic Alliances are a better choice when compared to old-fashioned traditional braces is the type of wire we use. We often use nickel titanium wire during the beginning stages of treatment. This is made from the same material that NASA constructs their satellites with.

Copper has been added to the nickel titanium to create a new type of material, years ahead of anything else in the field of orthodontics. Thermal NiTi wire, or shape memory wire:

  • Bends easily to allow for easier, more comfortable installation
  • Warms up inside your mouth, which returns it to its original shape, helping move your teeth into alignment
  • Can stay for up to two months before needing to be replaced, which means less time in the office and more time to do what you want

At each visit, your child will have the option to change the color of the bands that connect the wire to the brackets. This gives them a chance to make their dental braces their own. They can express themselves with a large assortment of colors we have to choose from!

Get traditional braces in Michigan City for time-tested teeth-straightening power. Call the team at Orthodontic Alliances today at 219-809-6584 to schedule an appointment.