Orthodontic Surgery Addresses a Variety of Problems to Improve Your Oral Health

Our orthodontists understand that some problems go beyond traditional orthodontic treatment and require surgery. Unlike many other surgical procedures, orthodontic facial surgery does not leave a scar or other visible sign afterward because the surgery is done inside your mouth. What is performed will depend directly on what your problems are. We will go over your options once we have evaluated your facial structure.

The three most common orthodontic issues we address with orthodontic surgery are:

  • Open Bite – This is when a gap between your upper and lower teeth causes your teeth not to touch when you close your mouth.
  • Protruding Lower Jaw – This looks like an underbite and is more effectively treated with oral surgery than with an oral appliance.
  • Weak Chin – This condition refers to a receding lower chin. It resembles an overbite, and like a protruding lower jaw, it is more effectively corrected with surgery.

Other conditions can also be helped with facial or jaw surgery. Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD, is one type of issue that can be treated with surgery. Sleep apnea is another condition where surgery may be an option.

Dr. Randy Schmidt and Dr. Evan Schmidt work as part of a surgical team to correct your facial imbalance. Along with an oral surgeon, they will evaluate your condition and find the best treatment possible to correct it. This type of collaborative approach allows us to treat you in a highly efficient and effective manner.

If you think you might need surgical orthodontics in Michigan City, call us today at 219-809-6584 to schedule your consultation. You can also request an appointment online.