Invisalign in St. John, IN

Invisalign aligners were developed with adults in mind, although many teens can get great results with them, too. By replacing brackets and wires with clear aligners, people can now work on their smiles without calling attention to their treatment. Most people will not realize you are wearing anything over your teeth. So, you can feel more relaxed wearing them at social events, in work situations, or at school.

As a patient, you will receive a series of custom-made aligners. You will wear each one for a couple of weeks before replacing them with the next aligners in the sequence. In addition to being discreet, they also have other advantages when compared to traditional braces:

  • Aligners can be removed during meals for a couple of hours per day.
  • You will not have to give up any of your favorite foods.
  • You do not have to change your daily hygiene routine.

Adults who use aligners often can complete their treatment in about a year. For teens, Invisalign typically takes as long as braces would. While clear aligners can correct a number of problems, some people will need braces to achieve their goals. This is why it is so important to talk to experts, like our own Dr. Randy Schmidt and Dr. Evan Schmidt, to find out if transparent aligners can work for you. You can rely on our expertise, as we have helped thousands of patients smile with more confidence for over 30 years.

Correct Crowded, Gapped, & Crooked Teeth at Any Age

If the thought of wearing metal braces has kept you from changing your smile, then it is time for you to find out more about our clear aligners. Fixing crowded and crooked teeth, closing gaps in your smile, and correcting bite issues can give you a boost of confidence. Not only that, but 3 in 4 adults who underwent orthodontic care reported that straight teeth were good for their careers and their personal lives.

If you are interested in getting your teeth in line, then you should start by consulting one of our specialists. They completed dental school and additional training to become experts in how teeth should be moved. They can tell you if Invisalign in St. John could work for you and show you a digital preview of your new smile beforehand. Call 219-440-6512 today to schedule an appointment. You can also request an appointment online.