We Will Make Sure Your Hard Work Is Not Wasted

Orthodontic care takes time to complete. Depending on your treatment, you could have braces for 18 months or more or Invisalign aligners for a year or more. Either way, you want your straight smile to last for decades when you are finished.

Wearing a retainer can prevent relapse. That is when your teeth move back toward their original positions. With our bonded retainers, you will not lose your retainer. That means you will wear it for the correct amount of time, too.

As many people have learned the hard way, removable retainers are easy to take out of your mouth. At that point, someone can forget to put them in or lose them completely. Either way, that person is not getting the benefit of their retainer because it is not in their mouth where it should be.

Get all the benefits of your treatment. By wearing our bonded invisible retainers in St. John, you can feel confident that your smile will last for a long time. Call 219-440-6512 now to find out more at Orthodontic Alliances.