Take Action Now For a Better Smile Later

By age 7, most kids have a combination of permanent and primary teeth. That makes this a good time to schedule an orthodontic exam. That is the recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontists, and it is something our orthodontists are happy to do for your family.

Most kids will not need interceptive care at this point, but for those who do, dentofacial orthopedics can make a world of difference down the road:

  • If there is too much or too little bone or abnormal bone development, we can take steps to guide how the bones grow and improve facial structure.
  • Early orthodontic intervention ensures teeth have a better chance to erupt correctly and minimizes the chances of crooked and crowded teeth.
  • If a tooth falls out too soon, we can place a space maintainer to preserve that space until the permanent tooth comes in.

To be clear, your child will probably still need braces or Invisalign, but this early intervention can make those treatments go more smoothly when the time comes.

Be Proactive to Improve Their Smile

Every parent wants their kids to be happy and healthy. A straight smile is good for oral health because it makes brushing and flossing more effective. By taking steps to deal with alignment issues when your kids are younger, they can get more benefits from orthodontic care. That includes the confidence boost from a more attractive smile.

If you have a child around 7 years old, schedule an examination at Orthodontic Alliances to find out if our dentofacial orthopedics in St. John could help. Call 219-440-6512 or request an appointment online.