Follow-through is important in many things. It’s essential for striking a tennis ball or throwing a baseball. It’s also necessary to complete your orthodontic treatment.

At Orthodontic Alliances in Indiana, you can get an invisible retainer to maintain the great smile that you worked so hard to create. Here are three reasons why our retainers are right for you.

1. Let Your Bone Heal

During orthodontic care, your teeth are pushed and pulled into new positions. That pushing and pulling affect the bones that hold your teeth in place. A retainer keeps your teeth steady, which allows that bone to heal itself as part of the final stage of your care.

2. Prevent Relapse

Some people are more prone to this than others. If you stopped orthodontic treatment, your teeth could start drifting back to their original position. A retainer will keep their teeth in their new alignment. For some people, a retainer is a temporary measure. For others, a retainer may be needed regularly to maintain their straight smile.

3. Be Discreet

The benefits mentioned above apply to any retainer. You only get this last benefit with clear retainers. These are custom-molded to fit over your teeth. This makes them unnoticeable in your everyday life. You can wear them with confidence while ensuring that you keep your new and improved smile.

Don’t wait to get and keep the smile that you want. Begin your smile transformation at Orthodontic Alliances. Finish it with your invisible retain. 

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