It’s almost that time again. Students only have about a month left of their summer vacation, and then it’s back to the grind of homework, school events, and projects around every bend! Summer just never seems to last long enough, but here in northwest IN, we are luckier than most! Schools in other areas will be back to school by the end of this month!

Going back to school is a bit of a ritual. You have a checklist of all the things you need to finish between now and then, and if you are like most, you are pushing those things back and back as long as you can!

Don’t let your child’s smile be one of those things. It’s time for an orthodontic check, and taking care of it as a part of your back-to-school routine is one of the best things you can do for your family. Choose the closest Orthodontic Alliances office and plan to come in soon!

Why Now?

We know that this time is really hectic and crazy with everything going on, but we recommend that you go ahead and come now so that you don’t have to worry about it during the school year! This is a check that will hopefully result in nothing more than information for you. Add it to your list with other things that need to be done, like going to the dentist for a cleaning, and seeing your doctor for shots and a physical!

Who Should Be Checked?

Your child needs orthodontic checks beginning around age 7. We are not going to put braces on a 7 year old because they don’t have their adult teeth yet, but an orthodontic check is much more than that. During this check, we will find out a lot about your child’s teeth. We hope that we can give you a pat on the back and say all is well.

However, for many kids, this check at age 7 will uncover orthodontic issues that we can begin treating right away. If we discover serious alignment issues, we may want to go ahead and begin using spaces, space holders, or expanders to prepare your child’s smile for future braces.

By beginning work now, we are ensuring that your child will spend the least amount of time wearing braces, and the braces treatment will be a lot more comfortable!

Finding Solutions for Your Child

Ultimately, we want to make sure that your child’s smile is something that you are both proud of for many years to come. That means finding solutions that work. The sooner we begin on those solutions, the better the results.

If your child ends up needing braces, we have some of the best options on the market right here in our Northern Indiana offices. We have the latest and greatest in orthodontics. We even have heat-activated wires that make orthodontic treatment more efficient!

Time Matters

You might be wondering if an orthodontic check at 7 years old is really necessary. It won’t make or break your child’s smile. We can still accomplish this work later, but there is a difference. Making major adjustments will take more time and be more uncomfortable for your child the longer you wait.

Plus, older kids aren’t as willing to wear things like expanders. Again, the sooner we can get to work, the better off your child will be.

An Orthodontist You Can Trust

Another great reason to begin this early is so you can find an orthodontist you can trust. We have some fantastic orthodontists in our offices, and we know that your kids will have a blast when they come to see us. Not only are we trustworthy, but we just have a lot of fun!

We’ve seen entire families go through our offices. Our sibling discounts make that an easy decision! Bring your entire crew to see us, and you’ll learn why so many Valpo families see us for their braces needs.

Make Your Appointment Today

It’s time to make that appointment. Take care of it before school begins so that you know what you’re up against before you get caught up in everything else throughout the school year. Contact our office today, and we’ll get started! We can’t wait to get to know you and your kiddo very soon!