When it comes to preventive orthodontics, we are working with you and your child to prevent the need for costly and uncomfortable braces later in life. Often the signs of orthodontic need are visible for us around the age of 7. Even if you don’t see a problem, bring your child in to get an idea of what needs to be done, if anything, to ensure a healthy smile! This sometimes means taking orthodontic action earlier rather than later, but we don’t mean braces.

Space Maintainers
Orthodontic care should really be working to prevent the need for braces. Unfortunately, some parents wait too long to have their child examined. If brought in earlier, we can guide the adult teeth into position. Space maintainers help with this process by holding a space open after a baby tooth is lost too soon. This prevents the other teeth from moving, which would cause misalignment and crowding.

Baby Teeth Extractions
In some cases, a baby tooth just doesn’t want to leave! When adult teeth are trying to come in but have no where to go, you are sure to see problems! We will sometimes remove a baby tooth so that the adult tooth can ease into place, leaving your child’s smile in much better shape!

Baby teeth are extremely important in determining whether or not someone will need braces as an adolescent or adult. With early orthodontic appointments (around 7), we can take preventive measures to save you and your child a lot of trouble down the road. Contact us today to set up an appointment. We’d love to get started soon!