Get Your Teeth in Line by Wearing Invisalign Aligners

Turn your dream smile into the smile that you see each morning when you look in the mirror. Invisalign clear aligners can do amazing things to turn your dream into your reality:

  • Correct a crowded smile
  • Improve the alignment of crooked teeth
  • Close any gap between your teeth
  • Fix overbites, underbites, and other bite issues

At Orthodontic Alliances, you will have a doctor with the experience, knowledge, and skills that let you receive the maximum benefits from any treatments, including Invisalign. To get your smile where you want it to be, turn to our team.

Invisalign is an effective treatment for both adults and teens. Many patients appreciate the “clear” benefits that come with this orthodontic service:

  • Discreet treatment with transparent aligners
  • Comfort that comes with custom-made aligners
  • Aligners that can be taken out during meals so you can eat what you want

When you feel good about your smile, you feel more confident. That confidence can affect your personal and professional life. You also can improve oral health by straightening your teeth. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean when you brush and floss and when you get professional cleanings at your family dental office.

We know and have seen how well Invisalign works. We also know it isn’t the best service for everyone, which is why we are proud to offer additional orthodontic options for our patients:

  • Traditional Metal Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Fast-Acting Adult Braces

At the end of your treatment, you should wear a retainer regardless at least temporarily to maintain your new smile. Our clear retainers keep your teeth in their new positions so you can enjoy your new smile for many years to come.

To make your care easier, you can choose between multiple payment options. These include 0 percent financing and discount for paying in full. You deserve the smile that you want without breaking your budget.

Call 219-841-7795 now to schedule a consultation about Invisalign in South Haven. Discover what our team at Orthodontic Alliances can do for you or someone you love. It’s time to make your straight smile dream come true.