You’ll believe anything to avoid getting a better smile, won’t you?

Just hear me out.

A lot of my first-time patients tell me all sorts of strange things that are hard to believe: “Braces are for kids.” “I’m too old to be called ‘metal mouth.’” “Doc, my teeth are already too far gone, what good can braces do for me?”

I can understand where they’re coming from, but I can’t help but scratch my head at the misinformation they believe.

Sometimes, it seems, people just want to settle for less because they think the treatment is worse than the problem. It’s because you’re afraid––afraid of getting more negative attention from your braces than you already are from your imperfect smile.

If these are things that you believe, too, then you definitely need to have those myths about braces busted, once and for all.

I want you to take a look at some of the most popular myths about braces, so you can see for yourself why they’re just flat out wrong.

Myth: Braces are for kids.

Fact: That might have been true when you were growing up. But nowadays, adults make up over half of all braces wearers.

How can that be possible? I don’t see any adults with braces?

Well, you probably do, you just don’t know it!

That change is thanks in large part to high-tech alternatives to those clunky, cumbersome steel braces that still kick around in the popular imagination. Those images can be hard to shake without a little good information.

At Orthodontic Alliances, we use two different types of alternative braces that will get your smile in better shape, and more quickly, without the embarrassment that too often comes with traditional metal braces.

Invisalign clear plastic braces have improved the smiles of millions of children and adults without anyone knowing. They’re sleek and discreet, but powerful enough to reconstruct your smile into something to be proud of.

We can also fit you with a set of sneaky, clear ceramic braces. They’re more like traditional braces in the sense that you cannot remove them like an Invisalign mouthpiece, but their unique composition and smaller size makes them extremely hard to spot.

No one but you will know that you’re wearing them! It’s a peace of mind that money can rarely afford.

Myth: I’m too old to benefit from braces.

Fact: Regardless of your age, there’s nothing set in stone about your teeth––unless you refuse to do anything to improve them!

This false belief can come from the first myth, that only kids can get braces.

Your teeth, as sturdy as they might seem to be, will respond to our corrective treatments that same at age 40 as they do at 14.

And just because you’re too old to have playground bullies picking on your crooked smile doesn’t mean that those bullies have stopped picking on you; they just get better at hiding it, unfortunately.

You can prove them wrong and prove to yourself that you deserve a perfect smile with our many options.

Myth: Any dentist can install braces.

Fact: Not all dentists are orthodontists, which are a certain type of dentist that’s highly trained in the restructuring of your smile.

My team and I specialize in orthodontics (it’s in our name!), and we have years of experience in reshaping troublesome smiles into works of art. We have extensive training in remaking smiles in ways that your average dentist cannot.

In fact, if you make the mistake of visiting a regular dentist in Northern Indiana asking for braces, they’ll probably just tell you to come see me instead!

So cut out the middle man, and let a skilled orthodontic dentist get it right the first time. It’ll save you time and money, and yield better results.

Myth: Braces are only good for cosmetic reasons. They’re just to make you look good.

Fact: While it’s no secret that braces will give you a straighter smile, they’ll give you a healthier smile, too, and one that’s easier to clean.

If you’re teeth are tightly packed against one another, they can cause serious trouble.

Without proper spacing between your teeth, food particles will get lodged between them more easily. And on the flip side, it can make brushing and flossing a greater chore that won’t be as effective as it could be if your teeth were correctly positioned in the first place.

If uncorrected, then you could develop a number of mouth and gum diseases. At their worst, this can result in tooth decay and the ultimate loss of one or more teeth. That will only make your smile harder to bear, and will have disastrous effects on your appearance and your self-esteem.

Braces can help you avoid that ugly scenario altogether, and save you extra maintenance in the long run.

This means an increase in the overall health of your teeth, and therefore, an increase in the overall quality of your smile.

Move Past The Myths To A Superior Smile

All of the mythbusting in the world won’t change a thing––not unless you decide to take action, either for yourself or for your children.

We make it easy to understand the entire braces process, and will gladly walk you through each step once you come in for a consultation at one of conveniently located offices across Northern Indiana.

Call 219-809-6584 to set up an appointment with us, or you can request an appointment online. It’s just that easy, because we think putting up with bad teeth is hard enough.

So if you’ve learned anything, it should be that the only thing you’re too old for is putting up with that crooked smile!