Appreciate a Straight, Confident Smile With Orthodontics

If you intend to correct the alignment of misaligned teeth, fix overcrowding and gaps, and resolve issues with your bite, you need to rely on your Gary orthodontist at Orthodontic Alliances. Our doctors have the experience, skill sets, and training to offer the solutions tailored specifically to your concerns and objectives for a new smile.

After an extensive examination, we can talk to you about feasible orthodontic methods that can correctly align your teeth for easier oral hygiene, a more pleasing, confident smile, and better dental health. Here are several of our therapy possibilities you can pick from:

  • Traditional Braces – The most conventional method to align teeth is dental braces. We bond brackets to every tooth and shift them together with a wire that we meticulously monitor and routinely tighten throughout treatment.
  • Clear Aligners – We offer Invisalign aligners that fit over your teeth and carefully move them into the intended position over a span of months, not years. Aligners are easily removable, comfortable, and almost unnoticeable. They are an alternative to metal dental braces that does not interfere with your diet, routine, or look.
  • Clear Ceramic Braces – These can work as well as metal braces, but they are more discreet. The brackets are clear, which makes them less noticeable on your teeth.
  • Fast-Acting Adult Braces – This is a good option for adult patients who are primarily concern with the cosmetic benefits of straight teeth. These treatment focuses on the teeth that are most visible when you smile.
  • Invisible Retainers – The final step in your orthodontic care is keeping your teeth in their new positions. Our invisible retainers allow you to do this discreetly and effectively.

Call 219-841-7795  or contact us online to request an appointment with your Gary orthodontist at Orthodontic Alliances. Discover out which of our innovative solutions is ideal for you!