The ongoing situation due to COVID-19 makes it unclear when we will be about to reopen for full services. Until then, we want to remind you that our team at Orthodontic Alliances is still able to help if you have an orthodontic emergency.

Call our office in Portage, IN at 219-841-7795 if you need assistance. We’ll do everything we can to treat you as soon as possible.

What Are Orthodontic Problems

Not all orthodontic issues are emergencies, and it may be possible to correct some issues on your own. To help you gauge whether you have an orthodontic emergency, here is information from the American Association of Orthodontists:

• Food Caught Between Your Teeth – Without a doubt, having food stuck between your teeth or in your braces can be annoying. You can remove this on your own with dental floss or another interdental cleaner, such as an interdental brush, a water flosser, or a toothpick.

• Ligatures Come Off – As a reminder, ligatures help hold wires on your brackets. Some ligatures are small rubber bands, while others may be small wires. For loose rubber bands, use a pair of sterile tweezers to put it back in place. For a loose wire ligature, use sterile tweezers to remove it. If a wire ligature is sticking out, you may be able to fix it with a cotton swab (such as Q-tip) or the eraser of a pencil. If a wire ligature is

Be aware that if one ligature breaks off, more may follow. Contact us if you are missing a ligature, so we can advise you what to do next.

• General Discomfort – Modern dentures are much better than dentures used decades ago. Even so, you may have some discomfort during your orthodontic care. If you have irritation in your mouth, a topical anesthetic (such as Ora-Gel or Orabase) can be sufficient to ease your discomfort in many situations.

• Irritated Lips or Cheeks – For some patients, braces can irritate the lips or insides of their cheeks. You can apply a small amount of non-medicinal wax around your braces in those areas of irritation. Roll a small place of wax into a ball, then flatten it where it is needed (being careful not to bend the wires of your braces).

• Protruding Wires – If the end of an archwire is sticking out, this can lead to irritation and other problems. If possible, use a cotton swab or pencil eraser to flatten the wires against a tooth. You also can cover the end of the wire with wax. If the wire is particularly bothersome, contact us right away.

• Loose Bands, Brackets, or Wires – Any time braces feel loose, you should contact our office as soon as you can. We can advise you what to do depending on the reason for the problem.

Care For Yourself

We know that someday life will return to normal, even if we don’t yet know exactly when that will be. We hope you and your family are healthy and safe now. We also look forward to welcoming you back to Orthodontic Alliances.

Until then, call our Portage, IN office at 219-841-7795 if you have an orthodontic emergency.