When your teeth are crooked, you’re facing more than just one problem. Yes, your smile will look worse than it should. But you could also be trapping more food between your teeth, increasing your risk of cavities and gum disease. You could be putting extra pressure on your jaw joints, leading to TMJ disorder. You can even be creating worn spots in your enamel.

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How Orthodontics Helps Your Smile

For some people, orthodontics might seem drastic. Whether you go with braces, Invisalign, or something else, you’re making a big commitment. However, there are many benefits from getting your teeth and jaw to where they should be:

  • Balanced smile: Simply put, a smile full of crooked teeth does not look good. You know that, so your confidence can slip when you have to talk to others. Getting a balanced smile makes your teeth look much better.
  • Room for dental restorations: Sometimes, you need a replacement tooth for one that was lost or never appeared in the first place. Orthodontics can gently make room for such a dental restoration.
  • Aligned teeth: When you bite down, your teeth are supposed to fit together. It doesn’t have to be 100% perfect, but when your teeth are crooked, they can grate against each other. This creates worn spots and weakens your enamel.
  • Healthy bite: Another problem with your bite is when it doesn’t close correctly because uneven teeth are getting in the way. This can put stress on your jaw joints. If these get sore, you can get TMJ disorder.

Your Orthodontic Options

At any of our Indiana dental offices, you have several orthodontic treatment options. Whether your child needs some help with their adult teeth coming in or you need to correct those small gaps between teeth that adults often get, our dentists have the right combination of training and experience to help.


When people think of orthodontics, they often think of these. Traditional braces use metal brackets cemented to the front of your teeth. A wire runs through the brackets. By tightening the wire strategically, the braces gently reposition your teeth and jaw to where they should be.


Orthodontics doesn’t have to wait until there’s a big problem with a smile. Many children get preventive orthodontics. This can guide adult teeth to where they should appear as they come in. Space maintainers can also keep a spot clear for when some adult teeth are slow to show up. Preventive orthodontics can even help with thumb sucking.


Adults deserve a straight, even smile just as much as teens, but some worry about wearing traditional braces for 2-3 years. That’s where FAAB (Fast Acting Adult Braces) can help. First, the brackets are clear ceramic, so it looks more natural on your teeth. FAAB focuses just on the front teeth (the ones people will see), so it can be completed quickly.


This modern orthodontic treatment is great for teens and adults who do not want metal. Instead, you get a series of clear plastic trays that fit snugly over your teeth. Each tray is different, so they slowly reposition your teeth over time. However, they’re normally done 1-2 years sooner than regular braces. And because Invisalign is clear, they’re almost invisible on your teeth.


Orthodontics doesn’t just have to focus on your teeth. With dentofacial orthodontics, you can change the structure of your facial bones. This can improve how your teeth come together when you bite, but it can also improve the appearance of your face.


Preventive orthodontics is great for kids to help them avoid having problems like a crooked smile or malocclusion. Interceptive orthodontics is for when the problem has started developing but only just so. In other words, these treatments intercept the problem and improve things before it gets bad.

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