Spare Your Smile From the Harmful Effects of Grinding

Teeth grinding damages your teeth and can be detrimental to your daily activities. Millions of individuals across the country grind them together, although unaware that are doing it. Many people clench and grind while they are asleep.

That can be a big contributing factor to TMJ disorders. You may be developing a TMJ problem if you notice one or more of these symptoms:

  • Pain in your jaw or face
  • Feeling like your jaw is stiff or stuck
  • Frequent headaches and earaches
  • Clicking or popping when you open and close your mouth
  • Pain in the upper back, neck, and shoulders

To end your TMJ troubles, the doctors at Orthodontic Alliances can deliver superior treatments for you. For world-class care, you have come to the right location.

We have been helping patients treat TMJ disorder and teeth grinding for decades. Doctors and other dentists from throughout the region refer their patients to us. We have a reputation for offering teeth grinding solutions that work.

By taking a holistic approach, we start by examining the alignment of your teeth and jaw. That can have a big impact on whether you grind your teeth. Misalignments make you more likely to do this. That, in turn, puts added pressure on your temporomandibular joints (TMJ), which can lead to your painful symptoms.

Orthodontic treatment may be part of your care plan. You may address the cause of your grinding by correcting your smile and your bite. Our orthodontic treatments include:

  • Traditional Braces – This tried-and-true treatment can straighten your teeth. Metal braces work on practically any alignment issue, including ones that affect teeth grinding.
  • Ceramic Braces – Get the benefits of metal braces with a less visible option that uses ceramic brackets that closely match the color of your teeth.
  • Invisalign – Many patients prefer this modern orthodontic option. It is a good option for people who have mild or moderate alignment issues and want a discreet alternative to braces.
  • Surgical Orthodontics – Open bites, protruding lower jaws, and weak chins can be fixed by addressing issues with your jaw alignment. Our service can help you address symptoms of your teeth grinding, transform your smile, and improve your health.

Don’t spend more time in pain. Call us now at 219-809-6584 or contact us online to request your appointment and to start treatment for your teeth grinding in Porter County at Orthodontic Alliances.