Refine Your Smile With Transparent Aligners

You are worthy of a healthy, lovely smile. That’s why you need to start Invisalign in Hammond with one of our doctors. Instead of conventional dental braces, this clear aligner method corrects your bite troubles and gently shifts teeth into the ideal position for a straight, appealing smile.

Your plastic aligners will fit comfortably over your teeth and will feel frictionless against the soft tissues inside your lips and cheeks. Given that you can remove them, this orthodontic therapy permits you to keep your regular diet and oral hygiene regimen.

Besides the benefit of this process, you can also enjoy the peace of mind of the almost unseen aligners that will not affect your appearance. Every couple of weeks, you will switch to the next pair of aligners in your sequence until therapy is done, and no one ever has to find out you used them!

At Orthodontic Alliances, you are in the hands of skilled and experienced orthodontists. If Invisalign isn’t a good fit for your situation, we offer a number of effective orthodontic treatments:

  • Traditional Braces – For something that can fix nearly any orthodontic problem, this is the treatment with a proven track record.
  • Clear Ceramic Braces – These can be as effective as metal braces. However, the clear brackets make them less noticeable.
  • Fast-Acting Adult Braces – Many of our adult patients are primarily concerned with making cosmetic improvements. This service can get you what you want in less time than traditional braces.
  • Invisible Retainers – After you finish your Invisalign or other treatment, you want to keep your smile straight for decades to come. Our invisible retainers are the final step in that process.

Call Orthodontic Alliances right now at 219-440-6512 or request an appointment online. Find out if Invisalign in Hammond will benefit you. Discover the most suitable course to a better-looking smile!