You let it happen again this year, didn’t you?

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, yet you’ve done nothing to repair your out-of-control smile. Why did you let it happen again?

I’m sure you had your reasons – there wasn’t enough time in the day; work got in the way; you couldn’t afford it; there’s always next year – but the end result was still more of a disappointment than you’d like. You didn’t feel your best because you didn’t look your best. It’s a hard thing to do when your smile is holding you back and keeping your appearance less than what it could be.

I hope that your smile didn’t ruin any grand romantic plans on the big night. I imagine that you probably spent the evening as self-conscious as ever, stifling smiles and avoiding intimacy.

Or maybe you didn’t have a date on Valentine’s Day, and you feel that not one can find you attractive as long as you have that same, unpleasant smile. And who’d want to date you if your wearing a mouthful of metal braces, anyway?

It can be extremely difficult for people suffering from a treatable orthodontic issue to carry themselves with the confidence and beauty that they’d prefer – and you’re no exception. And that can make it harder to feel like you have the power to do change it.

If you’ve toyed with the idea of braces, you simply don’t want to deal with the extra embarrassment that can come with it. You can’t win for losing, can you?

Yet if you’re not careful, you can let another year slip by without addressing the serious needs of your smile, which only make whatever problems you have worse.

When Valentine’s Day 2017 comes around, what will be your excuse then?

I want you to stop making excuses, and to realize that you don’t have to let anything get in your way – not money, not work, not your low self-esteem. I can provide you with treatment that’s fast, affordable, and skilled at making even the most crooked smiles as straight and as beautiful as any Hollywood celebrity.

You (and your date) will be blown away by your new smile courtesy of your northwest IN dentist!

Discreet Options For Adult Orthodontics

There’s no delay to be had when it comes to correcting your smile.

My practice specializes in how to deliver those corrections with the most advanced techniques and procedures available. For you, this means a smile that’s not only gloriously straight and a sight to behold, but one that won’t require everyone in the world to know you’re wearing braces.

It used to be that the only way to realign the position and the angle of problem teeth was fitting a patient with a set of clunky steel contraptions. They can be uncomfortable wear, and even more uncomfortable to be seen wearing – or so you’ve thought.

I can provide you with a brand new smile without the discomfort or the stigma of metal braces with a handful of modern, high-tech solutions that will save you time and money in the long-run.

And of course, they will correct your smile without broadcasting that fact to the entire world!

Let’s take a look:

  • Invisalign – By far, one of the fastest-growing options for smile corrections out there today, Invisalign mouth trays offer you unprecedented flexibility and privacy. As their name suggests, these durable, thermoplastic aligners fit comfortably over the teeth you want to correct, and can be taken out just as easily.
  • Clear Ceramic Braces – These braces are like the traditional metal braces you dread, but with an important twist: Instead of bulky steel, I use clear ceramics that are just as tough as steel, but are almost impossible to see.
  • Fast-Acting Adult Braces – For a new smile in record time, the “FAAB” treatment works by combining traditional orthodontic treatments like the previous procedures with cosmetic dentistry practices. By focusing only the anterior (or front) teeth, I can drastically reduce the amount of treatment time. This treatment is best complemented by a simple whitening procedure to maximize your newfound beauty!

With any of these treatments, you can finally have the smile you never thought that you could have, and in a way you didn’t think was even possible.

Nobody has the right to know what you do or don’t do to your smile – except for me, of course; it’s what I do.

I want you to know that any of these options will protect your privacy while transforming your smile. You can have your cake and eat it, too, but only if you tell the baker, so to speak.

Have Time, Will Smile
There’s just one catch, however: You have to do something about your smile now, today, if you want to meet next Valentine’s Day with strength and poise.

You can achieve that goal by letting me and my skilled team revamp your current, disappointing smile into one that you can finally be proud of.

Proper orthodontics can take time, with complete realignment occurring in most cases up to a year or more, so the sooner you get started, the sooner you can smile again with renewed confidence. I think you’ll be amazed with what I can do for you.

So please, quit finding the excuses to hold on to that frustrating, unattractive smile, and schedule an appointment with me. I can be reached at 219-809-6584, or you can request an appointment online.

You don’t have to let next Valentine’s Day be a repeat of the past. I can revolutionize your smile into a thing of beauty – just don’t let time run out on you again!