Many people have bite irregularities. Some may have teeth that are slightly crowded or unevenly spaced. In fact, many dentists claim that most adults have irregular bite. The main problem with this condition is it affects your appearance. In other circumstances, it may cause pain and discomfort whenever you talk or eat.

Teeth irregularities may also be inherited; however, not every bite problem is genetic. Most irregularities originate from childhood. Avoiding some of these conditions may prevent you from having this problem.


Accidents are common reasons some people have irregular bites. When your teeth get knocked, chipped, or broken, they may fuse with the jawbone surrounding them. Another term for this condition is ankylosis, which is an abnormal root fusion of your teeth to the jawbone. If this happens during childhood, chances are, teeth will not line up properly resulting to an irregular bite.

Thumb Sucking and Pacifier Use

These habits may inflict irregular teeth growth and bite problems as a child grows. It causes the upper teeth to protrude or stick out from their lower teeth. Tongue thrusting habits may also cause this problem. Never let your child practice thumb sucking behavior that may lead to a normal habit. Avoid giving them pacifiers because they also cause the same results.

Primary Teeth Loss

If you lose your primary teeth early, your permanent teeth will lose its guide. It can drift or erupt in your gums incorrectly. There are cases where permanent teeth become overcrowded. Sometimes, the teeth next to the missing primary tooth may move or tilt to the open space. This may prevent any new teeth from growing naturally or may result to misalignment.

Many people live with overbites, crowding, and other teeth irregularities without seeking orthodontic treatments; however, it is important to seek dental care and fix the problem. Our clinic may help you fix your irregular teeth and bring back your smile and self-confidence. Our orthodontic services may also improve your physical appearance and oral health.