Teeth grinding can lead to TMJ disorders. Frequent headaches are among the most common symptoms of TMJ disorders. Here are a few reasons to seek help at Orthodontic Alliances.

TMJ Disorders Are Complex

A number of contributing factors can cause TMJ problems. Getting help from experienced professionals can make a difference in identifying the best approach to treatment for you.

The Alignment of Your Teeth Matters

The way your teeth fit together can make you more likely to grind them together. Orthodontic care can help with that, and our orthodontic specialists are experts on those fixes.

Experience Makes a Difference

Treating your teeth grinding can provide headache relief and end your other TMJ troubles. Orthodontic Alliances is an established regional treatment center for TMJ, and we see patients from all over the state. To make an appointment, call the office closest to you:

You also can contact us online.