Is it true? Can wearing braces help you lose weight? Orthodontic treatment has been linked to weight loss based on experience of many people who once wore braces. You might accidentally meet a friend you have not seen for years and notice a change in their once healthy figure. Plump cheeks now with a hollow mark and a skinnier figure you’ve always dreamed of. Their secret? They flash a smile and show you that they have been wearing braces for a year.

Coincidence? We think yes!

Weight loss is nothing but a coincidental side effect of getting adult orthodontics. The movement of teeth causes tenderness on the teeth and gums. This sensation may prevent you from eating too much, as it might be painful on your first bite. Your dentist may tell you to avoid specific foods when eating. Fortunately, these foods commonly contribute a huge chunk of calories and sugars on your diet. Chocolate bars, for instance, is an absolute no-no as they can be painful to eat especially when your braces are newly adjusted.

Decisions, decisions

Going for orthodontic services with the goal of losing weight is an incorrect priority. You should only get this type of treatment when you have misaligned teeth, overcrowding, TMJ disorder, or other dental problems. What is applicable to one may not be true for another person.

The side effect of losing weight may only happen to some. Weight loss should come with self-control in your diet rather than a forced consequence of wearing dental equipment. Regardless of whether it is true or not, it is still best to consult your dentist beforehand.

Contact us today for consultation on the right orthodontic treatment for you. Our dentists may also give you proper advice and valuable tips on a diet that will be good for your teeth and your overall health.