We’ve been itching for spring quite a while on this blog, but in just a few short weeks, it will officially be here – hopefully bringing lots of warmer weather with it in the process.

As you transition between the seasons, it’s always a good time to take stock of where you’ve been, and where you’re heading. Spring has always been particularly important as far as that kind of thinking goes, which is probably why you’ve already been making chore lists in anticipation of The Great Spring Cleaning, 2016. Right?

What do you mean you haven’t been getting a jump on all of the cleaning you are supposed to do? What’s the matter with you?!

That’s sarcasm, ladies and gentlemen. I can’t imagine why anyone would be excited to clean out dusty closets, give away all your unwanted clothes to charity, and apply a fresh coat of paint to every surface that needs it. It’s exhausting – but necessary – work, and the reward of a fresh, clean home might not seem worth it right now if you’re staring down a To-Do list that’s longer than your mortgage statement.

Yet if you fail to get those chores taken care of, then the consequences could quickly snowball until next spring, when the chores will be that much greater and more difficult to accomplish. You’re just going to have to grin and bear it.

Speaking of grins, the same is true about your orthodontic health. Letting even a seemingly minor orthodontic problem like misaligned teeth go another year without getting treatment from your dentist in Indiana will just make matters worse.

If you or a loved one have been putting up with an irregular smile, Springtime is the perfect time to start thinking seriously about an orthodontic spring cleaning from your Michigan City dentist!

Getting Back On The Straight & Narrow

I understand the kinds of factors that might have prevented you from being as timely as you should be with your (or your family’s) trips to the dentist. Work, school, family, and more can keep you perpetually tied up and too busy for your own good.

The problem with that is, your teeth don’t care how busy you are, or what time of the year it is. Just like any other part of your body that needs the attention of a medical professional, your smile needs treatment or else it could fail.

Worst case scenarios aside, just having to put up with all of the problems that come with having crooked or buck-teeth is bad enough; from the name-calling and problems chewing, to just being uncomfortable in the skin you’re in, poor orthodontics health takes its toll on more than just your oral health, but your emotional well being, too.

Fortunately, my practice can offer you and yours a wide variety of orthodontic services that will get just about any smile back on track with healthier, straighter teeth!

Orthodontics For Every Member of Your Family

I don’t care whether you’re 6, or if you are well past 60, because my staff and I can deliver a multitude of different treatments for every smile under your roof.

From clear braces to self-conscious children and teens, to Invisalign retainers for adults who want a straighter smile without taking an ad in the Indy Star, to dentures for distinguished adults who finally want to have the smile of their dreams, my team and I are passionate about helping your family achieve a better smile that’s easier to brush and easier to smile!

If you have children, quit procrastinating and get them to my office soon. Before they turn 6 or 7, a child’ facial bones haven’t fully fused together, allowing a northwest IN dentist like me to more easily set their smiles on their proper, straighter course!

Making Your First Appointment

I have three locations across Indiana to help your family no matter where you live, and can offer you orthodontic services no matter your problem.

But in order to receive any of these benefits, you’ve got to schedule an appointment first.

I can be reached at 219-809-6584, or you can click here to request an appointment online.

Together, we can help your family have the straightest possible smiles, with effects you can notice the time next spring finally rolls around!