You can never be too old to wear braces. In fact, adult orthodontics exists to address this specific type of need. Here at Orthodontic Alliances, we offer the Fast Acting Adult Braces (FAAB) to help adults like you straighten your teeth.

This incredible solution can give you a perfect smile in less than a year. Finishing the treatment in less than six months is also possible. FAAB gives you a good reason to smile even if you have crowded, crooked, or widely gapped teeth.

Straightening your ‘social six’

This type of adult braces focuses on straightening your anterior teeth. Your molars take more than a year to move, but your front teeth align in just a matter of months. FAAB is ideal if you are only concerned about the teeth that show when you smile.

Although the benefit is mainly cosmetic, the transformation is also orthodontic. They are as effective as any orthodontic solution. Have the confidence that your mouth’s overall function will improve. Rest assured that although the treatment is fast, the results are lasting.

Getting a complete smile makeover

You can actually choose the type of braces you want to use. You can straighten your front teeth using metal braces, Invisalign, or Clear Ceramic braces. Metal braces ensure speedy treatment. Invisalign straightens your teeth comfortably. Clear Ceramic braces, on the other hand, moves your teeth without changing your appearance.

FAAB goes well with other new technology. After your treatment, invisible retainers are highly recommended to stabilize the results. These are bonded behind your front teeth and do not affect your eating habits. When you’re teeth straightening is complete, we recommend you get a teeth whitening treatment next.

Orthodontic Alliances offers Fast Acting Adult Braces for adults who need a smile makeover. This solution offers fast and effective results. If you want to straighten your teeth using our FAAB treatment, Get in touch with us now.