TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder causes pain, discomfort, or tenderness in your jaw area. These symptoms can be quite annoying and may be affecting your quality of work. In most cases you need to see our dentist to get the treatment you need.

There are a few things you can do for the symptoms. These remedies are effective if you do not want to rely heavily on painkillers. They even promote healing and put the rest of your body in good condition.

Massage Your Jaw Muscles

Nothing is more relaxing than massaging your jaws. Applying pressure and massaging your muscles loosens up your tightened muscles and promotes blood flow. Be gentle, though, and do not press too tightly. It also helps if you repeat a mantra and use an aromatic oil to soothe your other senses.

Apply Hot and Cold Compress

Combining hot and cold compress promotes blood circulation and relaxes your muscle tissues. These are also great for alleviating any pain or discomfort. Remember to keep the temperatures moderate. Otherwise, you may burn or cause damage to your skin.

Control your Clenching

TMJ is usually caused by bruxism or teeth grinding. Although most of it happened during sleep, some people unconsciously grind their teeth as a habit. If you are guilty of this, try to control yourself and start caring for your mandibular joints. Practicing self-discipline offers many rewards.

Relax you Mind

Stress aggravates TMJ. Apart from the chemical changes in your body, it also causes you to grind your teeth – which make your condition worse. Learn how to relax your mind if you want to heal yourself and get rid of this problem completely. When you do, the rest of your body follows.

Whether or not you have alleviated your TMJ symptoms, you still need to see a specialist and get treatment. Visit our clinic before your problem gets worse.  We offer a wide range of solutions to restore your jaws’ proper functioning.