Many people think twice when learning they need to wear braces. The first thing that comes to mind is the question, “Is it painful?” The best way to get more information about orthodontic treatmentis to consult your dentist. They may recommend the right treatment and dental appliance to use for your condition.

Orthodontic treatments constantly develop to give patients more comfort when fixing their teeth’s alignment. Newer designs for dental appliances, or braces, focus on the ease of transition from misaligned teeth to a straight set. It is, however, normal for patients to undergo a bit of discomfort as the movement is a continuous process. The pain lets you know that your teeth are in fact gradually aligning with the help of dental braces.

You have two options for adult orthodontics: traditional braces and clear braces.

Traditional Braces

In traditional braces, the movement of your teeth relies on metal wires and brackets attached on the surface of each tooth. Orthodontic specialists willget an impression of your mouth as the first step. From this, they plan how they can fix the form and shape of your upper and lower sets. Every month, you have to return to the dentist to get yourbracesadjusted.

Invisalign/Clear Braces

Creating your dental aligners is much faster and does not require so much of your time. The fit and design is custom made for you, giving you assurance that it is effective in fixing your teeth’s alignment. Clear braces are detachable so you can remove them when you have to eat. It’s clear and almost visible so you don’t have to be shy when smiling or speaking with other people. You need to return to the clinic every two weeks for adjustments.

Now that you have a choice for orthodontic services, it’s easier to decide whether you want braces or not. Call us for an appointment to see how we may help you. Choose the treatment that suits you so you canenjoy an improved smile soon.