The only thing keeping you from having a great smile is yourself. This is something your kids should learn as a child. They can’t keep complaining about not having a good smile and then continue to do things that destroy it. It’s understandable that most kids don’t like dental visits because of the pain involved. They have to learn, however, that in order to get something great; pain and sacrifice may be necessary.

But this is easier said than done. When it comes to kids, it may be hard to instill this mindset. For instance, a child goes through an orthodontic treatment. He now wears the traditional braces. Every time you visit the dentist for readjustment, it may become really painful. They may soon develop a fear or sense of dread associated with dental visits. How do you get them to show up?

The Way to a Child’s Heart

Schools teach you that you need to work hard for something to gain a prize at the end. While the prize is to finally get a perfectly aligned set of teeth, it counts as a long term goal. Without short term goals, you may end up discouraged to even reach the end. You have to present them with a prize every time they visit the dentist.

The Smile Rewards Program

This program is our way of helping patients keep to their scheduled checkups. The act of simply coming in for a checkup or treatment already shows enough bravery on your kids’ part, and they should receive a reward for it. The smile rewards program helps child patients earn points they can use to claim a prize in the near future. Say the duration of the orthodontics is 2 years. They have 24 monthly visits that give them a chance to win gift prizes. Now that’s something to look forward to!

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