Most people think of braces or Invisalign aligners when they think of orthodontic treatment. However, there is another option you should know. Surgical orthodontics can be quite beneficial for patients who need to address structural issues with their smiles. Here are a few examples of what we mean.

Weak Chin

A receding lower chin can cause you to have a smile that looks like it has an overbite. By realigning the lower jaw, you can address two issues at the same time.

Open Bite

If you have space between your top and bottom teeth when your close your smile, then surgery can address this issue.

Protruding Lower Jaw

Think of this as the opposite of a weak chin. If your jaw sticks out, you may appear to have an underbite.

By address foundation issues with your jaw, you can correct the alignment of your smile more easily. If these are concerns for you or someone you love, schedule an appointment at any Orthodontic Alliances location in Indiana. Call us:

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