Once your orthodontic work is complete, you will want to protect that investment with a retainer. Retainers are extremely important because they prevent your teeth from moving back into their former positions. There are three types of retainers that we offer, and each has pros and cons. We will work with you to decide which is best for you and your smile. Below we have provided a basic explanation of each.

Clear Plastic Retainer – One type of retainer that is beginning to gain popularity is the clear plastic aligner. This fits like an Invisalign aligner and is generally worn at night, though we might recommend also wearing it during the day for the first few months.

Bonded Retainer – For some patients, we recommend a bonded retainer. This is a wire retainer that we bond to the backs of your teeth to hold your smile in place. A bonded retainer will remain in place for several years before we consider removing it.

Wire Retainer – The most commonly used retainer is made of wire and hard plastic. The plastic is molded to fit the top of your mouth, while the wire goes around the front of your teeth. Generally this is only used on the top arch, and it can be used part time or full time, depending on your need.

When your orthodontic treatment is over, we will recommend a retainer for you and your smile. This retainer protects your smile and your investment, which is very important. Contact us today to learn more about the different types of retainers and how one might benefit you over another. We can’t wait to see your smile soon!