Here in northern Indiana, we are preparing for yet another long winter. It seems like all of the old tales about predicting snowfall are pointing towards another white winter. Whether that sounds good to you or not, one thing is certain, we have a great way for you to use your months of quiet, snowy evenings at home to your benefit! It’s time to get FAAB!

Adults are often in need or orthodontic care, but they aren’t often willing to get it! We just can’t wrap our minds around wearing orthodontics for 18-24 months! What if we told you that you could get straighter teeth in a matter of six months or less? The winter is the perfect time to tackle something like this because you’re not going to be going anywhere anyway! In six months, spring will be in the air, and you’ll have a new smile to show off!

Fast Acting Adult Braces (FAAB)

FAAB focuses only on your smile zone, or your social six as we like to say. The brackets are clear ceramic, and the wires blend with the color of your teeth, so they won’t stand out against your smile. The best part is that they are fast! Whether your teeth have always needed a touch of aligning, or your old orthodontic work is beginning to reverse, FAAB could be the perfect solution for you!

Don’t waste your winter months doing nothing! Let your smile transform and be ready to greet the sunshine next spring with a stunning smile. Contact us today to get started. We can’t wait to show you what we have to offer!