Delight in a Straight, Confident Smile With Orthodontics

If you intend to correct the alignment of misaligned teeth, fix overcrowding and gaps, and address issues with your bite, then you need to your Highlands orthodontist at Orthodontic Alliances. Our doctors have the experience, abilities, and training to offer the newest solutions tailored to your requirements and objectives for a new smile.

After a complete assessment, we can talk with you regarding available orthodontic approaches and other services that can properly straighten your teeth for more convenient dental care, a more attractive, confident smile, and improved oral health. The following are a few of our treatment services you can choose from:

  • Conventional Braces – The most typical method to align teeth is dental braces. We bond brackets to each tooth and shift them together with a wire that we closely keep track of and regularly tighten throughout treatment.
  • Clear Aligners – We provide transparent aligners that fit over your teeth and gently move them to the intended position over a course of months, not years. Aligners are removable, comfortable, and virtually unnoticeable. They offer an alternative to braces that doesn’t disrupt your diet, routine, or look.
  • Ceramic Braces – These can be as effective as metal braces while being less noticeable.
  • Fast-Acting Adult Braces – These are a great options for adult patients who are primarily concerned about the cosmetic benefits of orthodontic treatment.
  • Surgical Orthodontics – Most people do not need this kind of care, but for those who do, it can be invaluable in addressing alignment issues with your jaw.
  • TMJ Solutions – Sometimes, bite misalignment is connected to a problem with the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, that might not call for orthodontics. We can construct a dental appliance as a more noninvasive technique to healing your misaligned jaw joint.

Call us now at 219-841-7795 or schedule online for an assessment with one of our doctors. See your Highlands orthodontist at Orthodontic Alliances to determine which of our modern options is perfect for you!