At Orthodontic Alliances, we help many adult patients who want to enhance their smiles by straightening their teeth. Some of them are hesitant to try orthodontics out of concern for their appearance. Fortunately, there are several options for patients who want a more discreet way to straighten their teeth and correct their smiles.

Lingual braces are a lesser-known orthodontic treatment with many advantages when compared to other treatments. If you want to drastically improve the look and health of your teeth, consider lingual braces as your solution.

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What Are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are similar to traditional braces in that they use brackets and wires to gradually fix your teeth. However, lingual braces are different because they are placed on the back of your teeth, rather than the front, making them nearly invisible.

Lingual braces are the perfect solution for anyone who wants all the benefits of traditional metal braces, without having to flash a mouthful of metal every time you smile. It’s no surprise that they are becoming more popular for adults.

How Lingual Braces Are Placed

Once we verify that you are a good candidate for lingual braces, we start by taking an impression of your teeth. This impression allows us to design a customized treatment plan that will correct your smile in the most efficient way possible.

Because the brackets and wires are installed on the back of your teeth, it’s important that we make sure they fit perfectly. We create your braces and then cement the brackets to the back of your teeth. Once they are in place, we can attach the wire that connects them. Each time you come in for a checkup, we will either tighten or replace the wire to make sure your teeth are gradually shifting into their correct position.

Benefits of Lingual Braces

The most significant advantage of choosing lingual braces over traditional braces is the ability to straighten your smile in a much more discreet way. Particularly for adults, having a mouthful of metal that is noticeable every time you talk, smile, or eat is far from ideal, especially in professional situations. Lingual braces have all the benefits of traditional metal braces without being obvious.

Other benefits of lingual braces include efficiently and effectively correcting misalignments, gaps, overcrowding, and more. Plus, there is no concern about white spots or discoloration from having brackets on the front side of your teeth from wearing braces, since lingual braces are on the back of your teeth. They also cause less irritation since they don’t come into contact with your lips.

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