You may think you are too old to fix your crooked smile. If so, we are happy to tell you that you are mistaken. Adult orthodontics have become much more common.

How can I change my smile?

You can use traditional braces, but new innovations are part of the reasons more adults are embracing orthodontic treatment. Invisalign clear aligners and fast-acting adults braces are just two of the newer options you’ll find for remaking your smile.

Why should I try adult orthodontics?

Ultimately, that is for you to decide. However, we can report that straightening your teeth can have health benefits. Improving your smile also can boost your self-esteem. And studies of adult orthodontic patients found that a vast majority reported that straightening their teeth provided benefits in their careers.

Where should I go for adult orthodontics?

In Indiana, we welcome you to visit the nearest Orthodontic Alliances location. We can help you choose the best treatment option for your goals. Your first step toward your new smile is scheduling a consultation with one of our doctors. Contact us online or call the office closest to you: