Today, our team at Orthodontic Alliances wants you to know about a little-known way to optimize their smile beautification with us!

It’s dentofacial orthodontics, and it can be used in accordance with braces to help improve alignment issues while you straighten your teeth.

Dentofacial Orthodontics For Old & Young

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just about correcting the position of your teeth. It can be a blend of the right kind of braces and dentofacial orthodontic treatment to ensure the best smile and a well-functioning jaw.

Most patients begin dentofacial treatment early on. From your child’s first appointment, your dentist can get an idea of how their arch and jawbone are developing and anticipate the kind of interventions that might be needed as they get more of their teeth.

Typically, dentofacial orthodontics can start once your child is around the age of seven, but that doesn’t mean anyone older than that can’t still benefit from this strategy.

Adults can benefit from dentofacial treatment, too, depending on their particular needs.

Dentofacial Orthodontics Put You At An Advantage

For some patients, braces are all it takes for a great-looking smile.

But other patients need more help to give them the kind of smile and overall look for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Here’s how dentofacial orthodontics can put you or your child at an advantage!

*Improve Your Overall Look*

Your facial structure is just as much a part of the smile planning process. The jawbone and teeth work together to determine the shape of your face, so sometimes it’s simply not enough to get your teeth straightened out. It’s necessary at times to use dentofacial orthodontics to ensure that your smile and facial structure work in harmony to give you an overall improved appearance.

*Prevent The Need For Oral Surgery*

If we’re able to control a child’s bone growth as they develop, we can decrease the likelihood for oral surgery down the road. It’s not a guarantee, certainly, but dentofacial treatment can better the odds of avoiding complicated work later for your child.

*Pave The Way For New Teeth*

You need to have plenty of room for your adult teeth to come in properly. In that respect, dentofacial orthodontics can help pave the way for a child’s adult teeth by maintaining the right amount of space to prevent overcrowding and overlapping later on.

*Ensure Healthy Teeth In The Long Run*

Adding dentofacial orthodontic treatment to your overall plan is just another measure of making sure your teeth are healthy throughout your lifetime.

Straightening your teeth with braces or aligner therapy is certainly a great step in ensuring a healthy mouth, but for many patients, other steps have to be taken to prevent other types of problems caused by poor alignment.

The Journey Through This Type Of Treatment

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, or any sort of treatment for that matter, every patient’s plan differs. Your needs aren’t like someone else’s, which is why we take a personalized approach to your treatment.

But to look at the bigger picture of this type of orthodontic treatment, it can be divided into two parts.

The first would begin with young children whose jawbone and teeth are still developing. We try to control their development in an advantageous way to make treatment down the road easier. That might require the use of space maintainers, expanders, and strategies that support a nice lingual arch.

It would all depend on what your needs are early on, which is determined by our highly-trained specialists.

As adult teeth come in, we’d start focusing on the second part of dentofacial treatment to make sure the stage is set for optimized alignment and position.

Clearly, this is an approach with no quick solutions. It’s something that has to be monitored over time so you get the best possible results.

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Although you may hear about it more in relation to younger kids and teenagers, patients of all ages can benefit from dentofacial orthodontic treatment.

Our team of highly-skilled professionals have the experience and the technology to determine if it’s right for you and how to use it to your smile’s advantage!

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