It’s always nice to have options.

When you are looking for a new vehicle, you want to consider more than one before you settle on what your next one will be. When it’s time to eat, you want to have choices for what you will have for dinner.

We think you deserve the same opportunity with your orthodontic treatment. At any of our Indiana locations, you can find the right service for your situation at Orthodontic Alliances.

Today, we want to tell you a little about how you can create the straight smile you’ve dreamed about having. To get started, call the office that’s most convenient for you:

Discover The Path For You

By talking to Dr. Randy Schmidt or Dr. Evan Schmidt, you can find the solution for your smile situation. The severity of your misalignment could affect which services you select:

  • Traditional Braces — Consider this the old reliable choice. Metal brackets and wires have been transforming smiles for centuries. You can address practically any alignment issue you might have with this treatment. You can correct a crooked smile and get your bite in line with this system. While this is a traditional approach, we do use modern technology, such as our thermal NiTi archways. These use “shape memory” to return to their original shape, which makes your treatment easier and more efficient.
  • Invisalign — Many patients (particularly adults) do not want to wear metal brackets on their teeth. That metal can be a distraction during meetings with customers and clients or a date with a potential romantic interest. Invisalign aligners do away with metal brackets. By using transparent aligners, you can discreetly make improvements to your smile. This approach is great for patients with mild or moderate alignment issues or patients who experienced relapse after previous orthodontic care.
  • Ceramic Braces — Clear ceramic braces offer a combination of the benefits of our other services. For patients who are not good candidates for Invisalign aligners, ceramic braces can be used to correct the same kinds of issues as metal braces. For patients who don’t like how distracting metal brackets can be, ceramic braces offer a more discreet solution for their smile.

Regardless of which service you choose, it’s important to follow through on your treatment with retainers. We can design clear retainers for you. For some patients, retainers are a temporary need. For other people, retainers become necessary to prevent the kind of relapse we described above.

Let’s Work Together On Your Teeth

With the old year ending, the new year will be a time for new beginnings. What better time to begin your efforts to improve your oral health with a straight smile? Let one of our doctors help you discover the best way to get your smile in line.

To request your appointment, contact Orthodontic Alliances online or call us at: