You remember middle and high school, right? Every flaw was advertised and every perfection diminished in social circles. It’s a tough place to be for anyone, but it’s especially difficult for those who feel self-conscious. Clear braces can aid your child’s confidence while allowing them to get the orthodontic care that he or she needs!

Traditional metal braces aren’t the most flattering appliance out there! We’re sure you know of a nickname or two that go along with these braces: metal mouth, brace face, tinsel teeth, etc. For a self-conscious child, these names carry an extra bite. We are always looking for ways to prevent your child from having to go through this experience, and clear braces is one option we have found that is very successful!

The Magic of Clear Braces

Clear braces work exactly like traditional braces. There are brackets and wires and pull the teeth into the correct position. The difference is in the color. Clear braces have ceramic brackets that will match the color of your child’s teeth! We pair that with a new type of wire that will also blend in, and your child now has a much more acceptable appearance! The braces are still there, but they won’t draw attention because they are camouflaged. Your child will feel much more confident as they go through their day to day activities!

Clear braces are one example of how we can help your child get the orthodontic care he needs without causing him more embarrassment! If your child needs braces, we highly recommend coming into our office to see what we have to offer. Contact us today to set up an appointment, and let us show your child how comfortable he can be!