If your child is still in elementary school, chances are you aren’t thinking about orthodontics. But don’t wait until your their teen years! With dentofacial treatment before then, it’s possible we can lessen the amount of time they will spend in braces. 

As Dr. Schmidt explains in our video, how the jaw grows can have a big impact on your child’s teeth. With early intervention, we can encourage proper jaw development. For example, if their upper jaw isn’t wide enough in relation to the lower one, the result is a crossbite or similar orthodontic problem. Using dentofacial orthodontics, we can actually widen their upper jaw. 

We recommend bringing your child in at age 6 or 7 so we can assess their facial structure and determine whether they’d benefit from this kind of treatment. It is far more difficult to adjust the jaw in adults, so it should be done in childhood if possible. Not all dentofacial treatment is this involved. It may involve nothing more than a space maintainer to keep surrounding teeth from shifting after your child loses a baby tooth. 

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