Your are an adult working hard here in northern Indiana, and we know that you have a lot on your plate! You want to take the time to improve your smile, but you also want to look and feel great while you do it! Who has time for ugly, embarrassing metal braces?

You certainly don’t want to sign up to wear traditional metal braces for the next three years of your life! We understand that feeling, which is why we are big proponents of Fast Acting Adult Braces (FAAB)!

These braces work faster and are more discreet than traditional braces, but they can get the job done in the most efficient way possible. Let’s spend some time looking at this option for you and your future smile!

When Adults Need Braces

You might be wondering if there’s ever a case for adults to need braces. After all, isn’t that a kid thing? Traditionally it is, but it’s not always. There are many factors that can lead to an adult needing to wear braces. We will take a look at some of those items in a few moments.

First, let’s take a look at the advantages of FAAB and how you can benefit from this state of the art orthodontic treatment!

Avoiding the Ugly Factor
No matter your age, you don’t want to intentionally make yourself ugly! Traditional metal braces are NOT attractive, but FAAB allow us to use clear, ceramic braces!

Get it Done Quick
We know that you probably have big events happening all of the time, but with FAAB, you can plan your life six months in advance! If you begin treatment now, you’ll have these appliances off this fall, which might be just in time for a big wedding, the holiday season, or whatever else you have on your plate!

Make it Work!
The bottom line for most of our adult patients is that they just want it to work! FAAB works! We focus on the “social six,” which are the teeth that show when you smile and talk with your friends and family. By focusing on this small area of your teeth, we are able to get your orthodontic work done quickly and efficiently!

Now, let’s take a look at who would most benefit from FAAB!

FAAB: Great for…

Failed Childhood Ortho: Even if you’ve had orthodontics once before, your teeth could still be crooked! As you grow, your alignment changes, and without upkeep, orthodontic treatment can “fail.” FAAB is a quick, easy way to improve that!

One Unruly Tooth: We see a lot of cases of the unruly tooth. The one tooth that wants to stick out, stand out, or just be ornery! FAAB allows a quick resolution to make room for that one tooth to go back into position and perfect your smile.

Never Getting Needed Braces: There are many cases of adults who needed braces as children but were unable to receive those braces due to cost, availability, etc. FAAB offers an opportunity for these adults to get the alignment they’ve always needed in a quick, efficient way!

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