Being able to treat patients with serious orthodontic issues reminds me of that old joke about the guy who lost his weekends once his friends found out he bought a pickup truck. It definitely keeps me in high demand.

However, I love being able to provide the kind of extensive orthodontic treatment which separates me from my peers, because it means that my patients are receiving the kind of care that they can’t get anywhere else.

Most dentists do a decent enough job at the basic elements of general dentistry. Those include basic oral health services like teeth cleanings, root canals, and even some quality cosmetic procedures.

But if you or a loved one have a particularly complicated orthodontics case, then 9 times out of 10 your current dentist just won’t be equipped to handle it. It’s not their fault; they just don’t have the specialized training to do what I can do.

Yet if you find yourself in the dentist’s chair only be told that you need to see another dentist to get your the treatment that you or a member of your family desperately needs, then why not just cut out the middle man and get that treatment from Orthodontics Alliances?

What Is Orthodontics?

As a subset of dentistry, orthodontics is concerned with the bite of your smile, and with the placement of your teeth within your mouth. The word orthodontics itself should be a dead giveaway to any readers out there who can read and speak Greek: In that language, orthodontics means “straight tooth,” literally.

As far as your northwest orthodontist is concerned, this means that I am focused on the quality of your bite, and how well your teeth get along with one another.

For the vast majority of patients in need of some kind of orthodontics treatment, the entire process usually begins and ends with braces. I offer several different kinds of braces – from so-called FastBraces® which can deliver results as quickly as 6 months, to Invisalign clear aligners that can correct your smile discreetly – so I’m sure I can find something that works for any member of your family who is interested in having a perfectly straight smile.

However, in that 1 time out of 10, not even these solutions are going to make much of a difference. In those rare but more-common-than-you-think cases, even the best dentists will have to refer you to an orthodontic surgeon like me because I have the training and the talent to accomplish even the most difficult oral health procedures.

No Orthodontic Issue Is Too Tough

I’ve made solving complex orthodontic problems a cornerstone of my practice, and have watched as patients across Indiana rewarded my team and I by making it a go-to spot for complicated smiles of any stripe.

One of the reasons why is that we are able to perform oral surgeries that other dentists can’t. We use top-grade anesthetics so that you won’t feel anything other than the joy of waking up to a perfectly straight smile!

Here’s a quick list of a couple problems you or a loved one may be experiencing that could require an oral surgery in their more extreme forms:

  • Serious TMJ cases – TMJ disorder occurs when the joint which connects your jaw to your head malfunctions. The symptoms of this disorder are terrible enough, but at the extreme end, it can result in your jaw not being able to open or close properly, or at all. In these cases, sometimes an oral bite-guard might not be enough to reset your jaw into its natural place. I can get operate in order to return full functionality to your jaw so that you can actually smile again without pain!
  • Oral injuries – When life happens, it isn’t always pretty. If you or your child are active in any kind of contact sport, then your risk for a debilitating oral injury is practically through the roof (which is why you should be wearing mouthguards!). In the tragic and stressful event of an oral injury, I can be there to pick up the pieces of any smile and put them back together better than new!

Making Your Appointment

From the simple to the not-so-simple, I can correct any problem in virtually in any smile.

In order to help you, I need you to make an appointment right away. Otherwise, those orthodontic issues will only get worse, and therefore, more expensive to fix.

To make your appointment, please call me at 219-809-6584, or click here to request an appointment online.