When adult patients consider straightening their teeth one of the first things they think about is Invisalign. If you’re facing your adult life wishing that you had undergone orthodontic treatment earlier Invisalign has probably at least crossed your mind at some point!

We see a lot of Invisalign patients at Orthodontic Alliances, and many of them are still on the fence about treatment. They’re not quite sure that Invisalign is right for them, but we can tell you with confidence: it is! If you’re a patient who qualifies for Invisalign treatment you’ll absolutely love the results, and even the process.

But there are a lot of great things to Invisalign besides the fact that it’s unnoticeable. You might not even realize these perks come with Invisalign treatment, but that’s what we’re here to talk about today. Hopefully we can help you make a final decision!

Don’t Change Your Daily Life

One of the biggest concerns that orthodontic patients of all ages face is the problem of how much braces affect their daily lives. There are a lot of foods you can no longer eat, keeping your teeth clean becomes a hassle, and you can end up with serious cuts and scrapes in your mouth – not pleasant!

Patients who opt for Invisalign won’t have to deal with those problems at all. In fact, Invisalign has such a minimal impact on your day to day life that you won’t even realize you’re wearing it half the time!

Take eating, for example. You have to wear your aligners for 22 hours out of the day, but you can’t wear them when eating. You’ll be able to pop them out before every meal and eat whatever you desire! There won’t be any dietary restrictions, there’s no metal to worry about getting food caught on, and you won’t end up with horrible “braces breath” either.

Brushing is the same way – your oral hygiene habits are uninterrupted! You just take your aligner out, brush your teeth (and it), and pop it back in. It really is that simple to live day-to-day with Invisalign!

A Surprise (Waistline-Reducing) Perk

A recent study of Invisalign patients found something surprising: a lot of them lose weight! After some careful analysis (well, probably not that careful) the team realized something that seems obvious in hindsight: you can’t snack when you’re wearing Invisalign!

A lot of us have sedentary jobs nowadays, and one of the side effects of those jobs is that we spend more time absent-mindedly snacking during the day. Whether it’s a generous coworker who always brings baked goods, a vending machine in the breakroom, or just a stash of stuff in our desks we’re all guilty of some unnecessary calories during the day.

If you’re holding fast to your Invisalign treatment you’re not taking them out except to eat meals and to brush. All that time in between that you’d normally spend snacking isn’t really an option anymore, so snacks – and extra calories – go out the window!

If you’re going to lose a few pounds by default why not add a workout routine to your new Invisalign lifestyle? You could come out of your treatment with more than just a great new smile!

Better Health During And After Treatment

Another notorious problem of wearing braces is oral health problems that arise after treatment is over. It’s hard to keep your teeth clean when wearing braces, which often results in decay around the edges of the brackets. It may not be deep enough to form a serious cavity, but there’s often enough lost enamel to cause complications later on.

Because Invisalign is removable oral hygiene is easier. As long as you keep your aligners clean you shouldn’t have any oral health problems during or after treatment. Keeping bacteria in check is always important, so you need to be sure you brush and floss correctly, but without all that hardware in place it’s infinitely easier to do so!

What Are You Waiting For: Get That New Smile Now!

Hopefully you learned something new about Invisalign today. If you still have questions we’re always available to answer them for you! You can reach any of our northern Indiana locations by calling 219-809-6584 or you can request an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon at Orthodontic Alliances!