If you’ve always wanted a straight smile but have decided against orthodontic treatment because of the stigma associated with braces you’re not alone! Many of our patients at Orthodontic Alliances have come to us asking for a way to straighten their smiles without ugly metal braces and we’ve made it a reality! Using both ceramic braces and Invisalign enable us to get you the results you want without suffering from “metal mouth!”

Both our ceramic braces and Invisalign can treat multiple types of cases, from simple cosmetic problems to serious bite issues. Treatment times can vary based on severity but there’s one thing for sure: you won’t have to spend time with visible braces!

Why Get Invisible Braces?

Whether you’d prefer ceramic braces or Invisalign the bottom line is that you’re looking for an invisible solution. You might be a professional who does a lot of speaking in public, you may be meeting with clients a lot, or you may have a teenager in need of orthodontic work who’s scared of the possibility of braces. There are a lot of reasons and the bottom line is just what you desire for treatment!

Our invisible orthodontic solutions are the perfect mixture of cosmetic results and low-profile treatment. No matter which you choose you’ll be thrilled by the results and the treatment process!


Using a series of plastic aligners that are changed every two weeks Invisalign gets your teeth perfectly straight in just about a year! The forces you feel are minimal and the treatment outcomes are amazing! The alignment trays you wear during treatment are nearly invisible – all people will notice is a great new look!

We start with images and impressions of your current teeth that we use to plan treatment. We can model your desired outcome and get a perfect prediction of your treatment results. Using that data we’ll start manufacturing your aligners and you’ll soon start your journey toward the perfect smile!

Invisalign is also remarkable for how little impact it has on your day-to-day life. You wear your aligners 22 hours out of the day but you get to take them off when you brush or eat! Unlike the wires of traditional braces there aren’t any tough-to-clean spots because of Invisalign!

Fast Acting Adult Braces – Now In Ceramic!

If you want to get that straighter smile in less time – for many patients it’s just a six month process – the traditional orthodontics with ceramic brackets and invisible wires are the ideal solution! Our brackets are color matched to your teeth so that they’ll never be noticed at all!

Because the forces being used are the same as traditional orthodontics we can move your teeth faster with ceramic braces. While Invisalign treatment may take about a year ceramic braces can be completed in half that time! These are still a cosmetic option and so won’t focus on correcting bite problems!

Ceramic braces can still be used for traditional treatments as well. If you have a bite issue that needs to be corrected you can still do it invisibly with our ceramic brackets and state-of-the-art tooth colored wires!

Invisalign Teen

For the appearance-conscious teens in your family braces can be a struggle. Not just for them but against you and your best wishes for their further happiness. Orthodontic Alliances can help you make the right decision for your child’s teeth with Invisalign Teen!

This great system is the same as what we prescribe for our adult patients but with a few modifications with younger people in mind. First off we’ll always make sure an extra aligner is available. You might be good at keeping track of yours but teenagers might not be!

Invisalign Teen also comes with a fading color strip on each aligner. When worn properly for 22 hours a day the color strip will fade away in two weeks! That you you know your child is actually using their Invisalign trays!

There’s No Reason To Avoid Orthodontics Anymore!

With these fast and invisible smile correction systems you and your teens can be on their way to great smiles in less time than ever before! Make a call to one of our northern Indiana dentist offices today by calling 219-809-6584! You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you!