A straight smile is a healthier smile. Unfortunately, few people are lucky enough to have perfectly aligned teeth.

Many people can correct their issues with traditional orthodontic care. That’s certainly a big part of what we do at all of our Orthodontic Alliances locations throughout Indiana. But there are other cases that require something. Surgical orthodontics can make a huge difference in patients’ oral health and overall confidence.

This also is a reason why it’s important to talk to an orthodontist about the best treatment for you or someone you love. You want something that is appropriate for your needs and that will provide lifelong benefits.

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Surgery For Straight Teeth?

This is not something we are going to recommend unless it can make a big difference in your treatment. Even so, it’s worth knowing that this is an option if you have some particularly challenging issues with your smile.

We can’t list all the possible reasons surgical orthodontics could be right for you in this post, but we will share three of the most common reasons we recommend this kind of treatment.

Open bites happen when you close your mouth, but your teeth remain separated, leaving an open space between your upper and lower teeth. An underbite may be the result of a protruding lower jaw. If that position of your jaw (rather than the position of your teeth) is the cause of this issue, then surgery may be your best solution. That’s also true if you have a weak chin, which can be a possible cause of an overbite.

Bear in mind that facial surgeries are different than other surgical procedures. In most cases, oral surgeries do not leave visible scars because they are completed inside your mouth. Should you need this, our doctors will discuss what you can expect and the ways you can remain pain-free during the process.

Our doctors work as part of a team with an oral surgeon to plan your treatment. This collaboration makes it more effective and efficient for you.

Expert Care

The American Dental Association recognized 10 dental specialties. Everyone in these areas has completed general dental education along with additional training in their particular area of expertise.

Endodontists are experts on the pulp (soft tissue) inside of teeth. Prosthodontists are primarily concerned with diagnosing and treating issues that affect oral function, health, and appearance.

And orthodontists, like our own Drs. Schmidt, specialize in identifying, preventing and treating bite issues and skeletal abnormalities of oral and facial structures. That’s a complicated way of say, we recognized problems with the alignment of teeth and we know how to fix them.

Get The Smile You Deserve

You want straight teeth. We want you to have the healthiest smile that you can. At Orthodontic Alliances, we can offer a wide range of treatments. We will recommend the best option for your needs, whether that’s traditional braces or surgical orthodontics. You can trust that we can help address the issues affecting the alignment of your smile.

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