You may not be familiar with surgical orthodontics. It is not as common as braces or clear aligners for correcting problems.

However, you will be glad to know about this option if you or someone you love could benefit from this kind of treatment. Our Indiana orthodontists can assess your situation and determine when you may need someone besides traditional treatment.

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Open Bites

An open bite is when your top and bottom don’t touch, even when you have closed your mouth. This can be the result of your jaw alignment rather than how your teeth have erupted.

Weak Chins

A weak chin can look similar to an overbite. The difference is the alignment of your upper and lower jaws rather than the way your top teeth erupt.

Protruding Lower Jaw

Think of this as the reverse of a weak chin. In this situation, your lower jaw is noticeably further forward than your upper jaw. This can look similar to an underbite.

Let us help you find the right solution for you, whether that is surgical orthodontics or a more traditional treatment.

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