Because so many people get braces in their early teens, orthodontic treatment has become tightly linked to that age. But anyone can have crooked teeth and the problems they bring. Ignoring crooked teeth can lead to TMJ pain, worn enamel, and more.

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Crooked Teeth Affect All Ages

Getting your adult teeth is a messy process. They technically follow your baby teeth as a guide for where and how to come in. In reality, this can leave you with anything from a couple of misaligned teeth to a mouthful of crooked teeth and a bad bite.

Even if you had braces when you were younger, you could end up with crooked teeth. That’s because your teeth are never truly locked in place. Any movement is minor and very slow, but as the years past, those straight teeth can start to have gaps between them.

Younger kids can also have problems. For example, if you lose a baby tooth too soon, the nearby teeth could start to close that gap and make it hard for the adult tooth to come through.

How Straight Teeth Benefit Your Family

Having a straight smile is important for several reasons. Sure, the biggest might be how you look. A smile full of crooked teeth simply does not look good, but straight, even teeth can look wonderful. However, it’s about more than looks:

  • Food can get stuck near crooked teeth, increasing your risk of tooth decay.
  • If your bite doesn’t close correctly, you could get TMJ disorder.
  • If your teeth are misaligned, they could grind against each other and create worn spots on enamel.
  • Your confidence can be lower because you know your smile doesn’t look good.

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Orthodontics For The Whole Family

What treatment works best for you depends on your age, your dental health, and how crooked your teeth are. Here are five orthodontic treatments that work for different people.


This is the system you probably already know about. Metal brackets and cemented to your teeth. A wire runs through them. By tightening that wire, you can gently reposition your teeth and jaw. The whole process takes 2-3 years normally, by which point you will have straight, aligned teeth.


Adults and teens who do not like the idea of metal braces can often get Invisalign clear aligners instead. This system uses clear plastic trays that fit comfortably over your teeth. The Invisalign results are like with braces, but when worn, these are almost invisible.


Combining the best parts of traditional braces and Invisalign, clear ceramic braces will give you straight teeth. The brackets are clear, while the wire is tooth-colored. It’s not as invisible as Invisalign, but it’s often more affordable and still hard to notice.


FAAB is an orthodontic treatment especially made for adults. It’s a form of braces that focuses only on your visible teeth. This lets you finish FAAB and have straight teeth much sooner than with other orthodontics.


This is made for younger kids who need some help keeping their mouth straight and healthy. Dentofacial orthopedics can help with bite problems, adult teeth problems, and even the structure of the jawbone.

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