You may not have decided to send your child for orthodontic treatment; but seeing your kid with deformed teeth is also not good. Kids are special cases because their teeth are still developing.  Failure to fix any misalignment or deformity early on may lead to more serious problems.

Teeth deformities in children are caused by many factors such as thumb sucking, lip habits, inability to breathe through the nose due to allergies, or simply poor teeth development. Start observing your child’s teeth and do not hesitate to visit the orthodontist if you feel the need for it. Read on to find out more about these developmental deformities.

Thumb Sucking

Your kids often engage in thumb sucking for comfort. This should be a concern, however. Persistent thumb sucking affects the development of your kid’s teeth and this may result in:

– A reshaped jawbone (because they are soft and pliable in nature)
– Narrow dental arches
– Protruding front teeth
– Misaligned teeth
– “Open bites” that need extensive orthodontic treatment to fix

It’s natural for your kids to thumb suck at an early age. Long-term thumb sucking, on the other hand, is a serious matter and may affect the development of their teeth.


A crossbite occur when the top teeth do not align with the bottom teeth. This is due to severe tongue thrusting and may often result in crooked teeth. Dentists may recommend jaw surgery if your child has a severe crossbite case.

Crowding teeth

This is a condition where the teeth are misaligned and tend to overlap in certain areas of the gums. Crowding teeth may lead to other problems like tooth decay, plaque and bacteria build-up, and gum recession. This is why fixing your kid’s teeth alignment is important.

Orthodontic Alliances offers treatments for your kid’s teeth deformities. Contact us for questions and to set an appointment.