There are some things in life that we cannot take any credit for. One is how tall we are, and another is how straight our teeth are. If you are one of the tall, straight-toothed people among us, you have won the genetic lottery. Many of us are not quite that lucky. Having an orthodontist like Dr. Schmidt to correctly align your teeth could mean the difference between a smile you hide and one you show off whenever you can. But what are you supposed to do if you are one of the millions of people suffering from orthodontic fear?

Orthodontic Alliances has an effective three-step method to help you get past your fear and get the smile you want. Dr. Schmidt has been crafting great smiles in northern Indiana for years and can help you correct your dental alignment today.

3 Steps to Relieving Orthodontic Anxiety

No matter what problem you have, you need a plan for how to solve it. Orthodontic Alliances has a three-step plan to address your orthodontic fear.

Step #1 – The first step toward addressing orthodontic fear (or any type of fear) is to figure out what you are ACTUALLY afraid of. Are you afraid of the brackets and what they are going to do to your appearance? Are you afraid of the way your teeth are going to feel after you have the wires attached? Are you scared that the process is going to be painful? These are all examples of fears that Dr. Schmidt’s patients have expressed over the years, but once they were nailed down, we were able to help our patients get past them.

Step #2 – Once you know what you are afraid of, you need to speak to someone about it. We suggest a family member or friend. As long as they do not share your orthodontic fear, you can talk to them and work through your issues. The best person to talk to is Dr. Schmidt. He has over 30 years of orthodontic experience and will help you understand your orthodontic treatment. He will go over the ins and outs of what you can expect. If knowledge is power, you will not find more power over your fear than you will from your talk with Dr. Schmidt.

Step #3 – Once you have nailed down what you are afraid of and have spoken to someone (hopefully someone with a tremendous amount of knowledge, like Dr. Schmidt) about that fear, you are ready for the final step in your journey toward a straight smile. This step is MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT! Once you make your appointment, it is important that you keep it. That means no matter how many excuses you can find to not show up at the Orthodontic Alliances office of your choice, still show up. This is an important step for getting over your fear. Call Orthodontic Alliances in northwest Indiana today at 219-809-6584 to schedule your appointment.

Still Need More Help?

Talk to our orthodontic professionals today about how treatment at Orthodontic Alliances is different from other providers you may find. The staff at Orthodontic Alliances have been serving our patients for over 25 years and have the skills to make sure you have a comfortable experience while in our chair. With shorter appointment times, smaller brackets, and our advanced orthodontic methods, your choice for orthodontic care is simple: Orthodontic Alliances.

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