Braces are anything but subtle. Most people, especially young kids and teenagers, experience their fair share of taunts about needing braces. While we offer Invisalign and other discreet methods to straighten your teeth, sometimes dental braces are still the best option.

Many are against braces because they believe certain myths and misconceptions. Here are a few of the popular ones and the truth behind them:

Braces are painful.

You do need time to get used to your braces, but after the initial adjustment period, you start to become used to the sensation. Wearing braces may feel painful because the wires adjust your teeth to create a straighter and better smile. It hurts because it’s working!

It takes forever to complete an orthodontic treatment.

Depending on your condition, braces may last from six months to a couple of years. The thought of having braces for more than a couple of months may not be appealing, but any shorter and the treatment might fail. For best results, we recommend you trust the dentist’s procedure.

There are many dietary restrictions.

Food items you should avoid with braces are food types you should avoid anyway. Sticky sweets damage not only your braces but also your teeth. Hard food that causes your braces and brackets to dislodge are the same types that erode your enamel. You can actually eat whatever food you wish as long as you do it in moderation or ask your dentist if it’s okay.

Enduring a couple of months or years with braces is a lot better than living life with crooked teeth. Set an appointment with us and we’ll do our best to customize your treatment to address your concerns. Our patients’ comfort and happiness come first!

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