Parents would often ask us if there is a way for their children to prevent malocclusion or crooked teeth. Most of them don’t want their kids to undergo orthodontic treatment, which they think are too tedious and costly.

While there’s no way of avoiding teeth misalignment, we are providing some insights on how to prevent your children from having crooked teeth. These steps will also minimize the problem and help your kids get early treatment.

Throw Away Their Baby Devices

If your children are 3 years old and above, they should stop using pacifiers, teethers, and baby bottles. These baby devices affect teeth growth and may cause serious malocclusions. The worst they can do are tooth gaps and crooked teeth, which may be very hard to fix.

Help Them Outgrow Their Old Habits

Thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and teeth grinding may affect the movement of their teeth as they grow. The pressure causes the teeth to move or grow in other directions, which can be quite difficult to correct. Outgrowing these habits may also help them get rid of the embarrassing and unhealthy practices, which they can bring with them even in adulthood.

Encourage Regular Dental Checkups

The best way to really ensure the proper growth of your children’s teeth is through regular dental checkups. Only a dentist would know whether the teeth are developing as they should and if there are problems needing immediate treatment.

Braces and other teeth-straightening treatments are actually more affordable these days.  Our practice, for instance, offers cheap orthodontics for your convenience. We also have a wide range of teeth straightening techniques for kids, including clear braces and invisible retainers.

If you want to make sure your children have the perfect smile they deserve, call us now and set an appointment.